Thursday, 12 July 2012

Jane Paths Wet N Wacky Race

Photo by Luis Bustamante

The kickoff of the first annual wet n' wacky wace held on Toronto's Jane's path went off with a splash. Hosted by T.O's own Anthony Salvador and Joey Marion, sponsors lined up for this great, first of its kind, race idea including Orangatang Wheels, Loaded Boards,Concrete Wave Magazine, Randal trucks, Bombora Boards, Rayne Longboards and many more. The concept was simple, show up to race and expect to leave wet. Every rider came to throw down and most certainly did. All while having gallons of h2o dumped all over them and their boards making traction a laughable matter. The jam format saw 3 categories (grom, buttboarding, and open dh) battle out 5 heats to get the racers to semi finals and then finals. All the categories semi final heats saw the riders battle it out trying to slick their way to the finals. Lucky riders Jason Bull, Kyle Lahey, and Tim Borovsky stayed consistent making open finals, again Kyle Lahey making it to buttboarding finals with young guns Zachary Nyers, and Gene Sillas Jr., and finally rounding out the grom category were again Zachary Nyers, Jason Bull and Jon Norman. All 3 finals saw riders swap positions quicker than a bad porno with spectators going all out trying to sabotage who took home top spot by means of "land mines" (water balloons along the pathway) water-swords, two 50 gallon buckets of water, about 15 water guns and more hidden treasures along the course. Managing to scramble back to his board first in the grom category Jason Bull kept his top spot rounding out the Grom categories top spots:

1st Jason Bull
2nd Jon Norman
3rd Zachary Nyers

In buttboarding finals, Lahey managed to get out to a sizable lead but blew the first corner sliding out, getting back to his board quickly he put the pressure on passing riders Zachery Nyers, and Gene Nillas Jr. Going into the 2nd hairpin. Zachary couldn't hold onto his board and slid out allowing Lahey to gain some ground on now first positioned Nillas Jr. Seeing his opportunity to pass as Gene developed wobbles, Lahey managed to squeak past into first place right into the last corner and holding position to make buttboarding podium results:

1st Kyle Lahey
2nd Gene Nillas Jr.
3rd Zachery Nyers

With the first two categories now done and having seen Lahey winning buttboarding, and Bull winning groms category the pressure was on for one of them to make it a double podium day. Off the start Lahey managed to gain a sizable lead with a strong one push, followed by Jason Bull and Tim Borovsky. Lahey drifted super early into the first corner anticipating the floods that were upon him managing to just stop shy of the end of the track due to the water. Tim and Jason battled it out trying to pull off a stealth pass on Lahey as he slid out in the 2nd corner trying to grip a slow yet wet hairpin, unfortunately they tangled up allowing Kyle to hop back on his board and retaining his lead, coming around the last two lefts Tim and Jason both managed to lock wheels and bail allowing Sir. Kyle Lahey to be deemed both open DH and buttboarding victor. A scramble for boards left the opens finals results as following:

1st Kyle Lahey
2nd Jason Bull
3rd Tim Borovsky

 With such a rad event to cool down in the blazing summer heats, you can bet this will be an Ontario annual skate race. So make sure you get you panties wet with us next year :)

Ziiiiiiip peeaaaccceee!

Words By Kyle lahey

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